Dreams require work

After trying to avoid thinking about it, and failing, I’ve come to realise just how disappointed I am with my GCSE results. I’ve been trying my best to be ok with them because 1) there’s nothing I can do about it now and 2) my parents seem to be ok with them. (Incredibly surprised about that btw)

But being disappointed with yourself is a feeling you can’t quite shake off, especially when you know all of the things you could’ve done to get to where you wanted to be. 

So now I’m lying here at 1am and I’m making a decision, a promise to myself if you will, that I’m going to channel all this disappointment and regret into motivation for the next two years. 

It’s all about making a good situation out of the bad and as Lilly Singh says, “dreams require work. So work big time.”

Until next time 💭


4 thoughts on “Dreams require work

  1. GCSEs often turn out to be not the very best phase of life. I had a similar feeling after my O levels but yeah A levels was better, sometimes it is even good to not to perform extraordinarily well in the first stage, it gives you more motivation for the second.

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