Insulting the ignorant 

That’s right, another post! I’ve been doing a lot of thinking…

So when someone, usually female not gonna lie, says something offensive or problematic online I’ve noticed that most people instantly attack her appearance. Calling her fat, ugly, that no one will love her etc etc. And honestly I think that makes you just as bad as her/them, because sure they said something wrong but that doesn’t give you the right to tear their self esteem to shreds!

I mean I get that you’re angry, I’ve been there too, but call out their actual behavior don’t just hurl insults at them because that’s not exactly going to get you anywhere.

In some, not all, cases it’s just that the person is ignorant, they don’t know all the facts so at least try and educate them on the topic. And if that doesn’t work then just leave the situation, you can’t educate the willfully ignorant.

Until next time 💭


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