Staying motivated, beyond the first week

So as I have already mentioned, I have now finished my first week of sixth form and have now, obviously, begun my second. See, that sixth form education is really being put to good use.

Usually my motivation dies by the time the first week ends, but not this year. This year I have an actual end goal plus I have a motivating role model, which usually helps. I have always admired Lilly Singh’s (iiSuperwomanii on youtube) work ethic. But despite the fact that I’ve been watching her videos for over 4 years, it has only just occurred to me to take inspiration from her. The things she has accomplished is astounding and the fact that she is a south asian woman like myself really helps me to relate.

It didn’t occurr to me that I was being inspired by her work ethic until a couple of days ago when I was thinking about the work I had to do and how ~tired~ I was, and I thought to myself “would Lilly back out and go to sleep just because she was a little tired? No, she would not and therefore neither are you.” This simple thought was incredibly effective and I have yet to be swamped by the constant flow of homework I’m recieving.

As usual I don’t know where this blog post was supposed to be going, but I think what I’m trying to say is try and find your motivation and make sure its actually effective. There’s no good in sticking tumblr quotes all over your walls if you’re just gonna roll your eyes at them and proceed to fall asleep (me)

Until next time 💭


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