A letter to my younger self…

Dear little me,

I know mum is stressing you a little too much, but know it isn’t your fault and you shouldn’t be stressing at all yet.

You think you like maths, but just wait til secondary.

Don’t feel so bad about your body and ignore those damn aunties who can’t keep their opinions to themselves, they don’t know as much as they’d like to believe. Trust me.

Your friends now aren’t likely to be your friends in 5 years. And that’s ok.

Don’t let South Asian culture warp your ideas and beliefs, stop being so judgey and live.

Put more effort into piano, you’ll regret it later.

Read as much as you possibly can while you still have time.

Stop being so bitchy about makeup, you’ll be obsessed with it in a few years.

Don’t get obsessed with Twilight. pls.

Question things, think, stop accepting things just because an elder said so.

Just wait, you’ll meet the most amazing and unexpected guy and deciding to date him will be one of the best decisions you ever make. (You’ll learn the beauty of love too)

And finally, love yourself it’s hard but it’s worth it.

Lots of love,

Present me.



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