Get Ready with me: Desi edition!

Hey guys! So I went to an event thing and I had to get all dressed up for once and look all pretty, and I thought that it would make a good blog post so I documented it all!

First off my outfit: 



So it’s a South Asian outfit, obvs, it was sent to me along with some other stuff by my lovely cousin while she was in India.

So this basically comes down to just past mid calf length, and it’s actually kinda comfortable considering what it is. Love it.




Next! Makeup: 


So the foundation I use is the No. 7 Stay Perfect, it’s the only one that I’ve found that actually has a shade (‘Deeply Honey’ for anyone that was curious) that suits me. Plus it’s easy to find out what your shade is with that little shade match thingy they have. It does the job, I usually prefer to start with a little bit and work my way up or it’ll look super weird. I use either a beauty sponge from Superdrug or the real techniques expert face brush, or both! Honestly it just depends how lazy I feel…

I use the Maybelline Matte Maker in ’50 Sun Beige.’ It’s a decent powder, I’m on the hunt for a translucent powder though. This one is the only one I’ve ever had and I think it is serving me well!



Moving on, contour! I was so worried about screwing this up but powders are forgiving and plus with my skin, it’s slightly easier to hide mistakes. My face is quite round and my cheekbones don’t exist so contouring is a blessing. Although I don’t often use the highlight from this duo, I usually use it as an eyeshadow actually.



Speaking of highlighter, my fav has got to be the MUA pink shimmer highlight. It’s gorgeous and for only £3? Just take my money! I usually go for cheekbones (that are basically nonexistent) and inner corners of my eyes and  if I’m feeling fancy, cupid’s bow and with lipstick.

I have received some lovely compliments because of it and it can look more natural if that’s what you wanna go for.






So to do my brows I used to use a pencil from Primark, then suddenly decided to mix two eyeshadows to fill in my brows and then I got this eyeshadow palette and realised the second colour was perfect for my brows and here we are! I use the angled brush end on the duo eye brushes from eco tools.



For eyemakeup I used shades from the Makeup Revolution Essential Mattes(?) palette and the W7 Into the buff palette.

I used the 5th colour from the left from the first palette all over my lid and then the 7th colour through my crease. And then the 9th shade was on the outer half of my lid and I used the second colour from the second palette in my inner half and also in my inner corners.

That was super long and detailed but I hope that make sense….

For my eyeliner I used the Soap & Glory Supercat liner, which we all know I love. I finished off my eyes with the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara.

And finally, I finished off this whole look with lipstick:

And this is in the infamous shade 107.

That was way longer than I expected but I think its pretty accurate, I actually didn’t realise how much I did when I really get ready!

Until next time!

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