Setting realistic targets

So as of today my Christmas holidays have begun, and I have no idea what I want to do. Well actually I know what I want to do, it’s just a matter of organising my incoherent thoughts and actually doing said things. I have two weeks and I don’t particularly want to waste them. Lists often help me organise my thoughts so here we go…

The things I need to do:

  • Revise for my upcoming mocks
  • Finish writing my literature review and email it
  • Clean my room because jeeez I really need to

The things I want to do:

  • See friends
  • Reread books
  • Write so many blog posts
  • Just chill dammit

I originally planned to get my literature review done before the holidays even started but I’ve rethought that now, I hope to get it done before Christmas. It’s a bit more realistic, this means I have 7 days to do around 800 more words. Plus it’s less likely that I’ll be asked to go out in the week leading up to Christmas. Right? I hope so…

Revision, I’m trying to be super realistic here. I have around two weeks to revise after the holidays but I’d be a fool to turn down an opportunity to revise without as much stress as I will inevitably have after school starts again. I’m going for an hour or two per day, that way I’m still getting stuff done and getting a chance to relax. I mean, 2 hours of revision each day for alternating subjects sounds doable and effective.

Cleaning my room…now that’s a challenge, I’m thinking doing little bits of my room after revising. Therefore boom, lots of productiveness before I spend the rest of the day lying on my bed doing literally nothing.

I feel like I’ve got a solid plan for once, let’s see if I actually stick to it…

Until next time!

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