10 reasons why I really love Moana 

I’ve never really been into Disney movies before but after watching Moana, I know for sure that it’s my favourite.
Why? Well I’m glad you asked my dear friend.

  1. I genuinely love that Moana had no love interest at all and instead focuses on her own growth and desires.
  2. Maui is a magnificent character and he made me laugh so much.
  3. I loved the songs.
  4. Heihei. Enough said.
  5. I’ve heard that it’s actually quite an accurate representation of Polynesian culture.
  6. Moana had a “big nose” which strays from the “normal” slim nose and I love it.
  7. The dynamic between Maui and Moana was so heartwarming.
  8. Moana’s grandmother was such an important character and her influence was pretty inspirational.
  9. Just the animation, the colours were so beautiful.
  10. And finally, Moana was just so damn sassy.

Until next time!

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