Onwards and upwards

Now that Christmas is finally over, not that I’m a Scrooge or anything, it’s just a lot of effort in my opinion and doesn’t have that much pay off. 

Anyway, now that it’s all over, I can finally focus on 2016 drawing to a close and how I want to make 2017 the best it can be. Which isn’t all that hard compared to the train wreck that was 2016…

I’m a believer of putting what you want to achieve out into the world (universe etc) will help you achieve it, for example if I say (out loud) “I will get the grades I want at the end of the year” I’m more inclined to do so because now I’ve put it out there and it’ll be repeating itself in the back of my mind. Plus, telling other people makes me thing ‘well now I’ve told people, I have to do it.’

So my goals for 2017 (or resolutions if you will) are that:

  1. I will work harder and be able get Bs in all of my subjects by the end of the school year.
  2. I will work on my mental health.
  3. I will try to exercise at least once a week. (And eat better)

My whole theme behind my goals are to do things that my future self will thank me for, however small. 

I’m thinking of doing more blog posts focused around what I’m actively doing to reach any one of these goals throughout the year, to help me hold myself accountable. Like a journal of sorts, we’ll see.

Until next time! 

Twitter: @wolfishdelight


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