What needs to happen in 2017

2016 was pretty damn awful and so I decided to compile a list of things that need to happen in 2017 because I think we’ve had enough of wanting to launch ourselves into the sun.

  1. For Obama to be president of America again. Any of the Obamas tbh
  2. For America to get its shit together because seriously wtf
  3. An actual, sincere apology from Jennifer Lawrence.
  4. More body positivity for men of ALL races, abilities and everything in-between.
  5. Proper sex ed for these poor fools who think women pee out of their vagina
  6. For people to understand brains AND beauty is a thing
  7. Death of the ‘triggered’ meme
  8. Also death of the ‘don’t assume gender’ meme
  9. Effective mental health awareness. Pls.
  10.  For every single person to be seen as a human being and to be respected a such.


Until next time!

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5 thoughts on “What needs to happen in 2017

  1. Okay but in their (and previously my) defense, the whole female genitalia is generally refered to as vagina, even in sex ed classes. Besides, it’s kinda like the lack of knowledge about the hymen. Most sex ed is gotten from what you hear and assume rather than any detailed class or research. So that’s really more of an educational problem than any reflection on the “poor fools”

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