Bringing back the gratitude

So after the somewhat disastrous year that was 2016, I’ve decided to make an active effort to be more grateful. Why? Well for starters it’d probably help with my mental health, and second I feel as though it’s just a good practise to have in a world that is often looking for the next new thing.

And so, to do this I’m bringing back something I did a few years ago. Back in 2013 I started this lil thing where I would write down on little slips of paper things that I had achieved, things I was happy about and such. It was really nice to sit down on 31st December 2013 and pour put all these little slips of paper and read through all the highlights of that year.

Maybe at the end of 2017 I’ll share some with you guys, spread a little positivity and all that jazz.

Until next time!

{Ps. School starts for me tomorrow, technically today seeing as it’s past midnight, whoops… So I won’t be blogging as often as I have been during the holidays, I also have exams coming up in a few weeks so I’ll try to post once a week and do posts in advance but we shall see.}

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