Conquered the first week back!

So this week was the first week back at school after the Christmas holidays, not gonna lie it was difficult to get myself out of bed when it was still single digits on the clock and as said by my 6 year old brother “it’s still nighttime outside.”

I was excited though seeing as it was me and boyfriend’s 2 year anniversary on the second day! Much love for him, always supporting my blog posts!

This week wasn’t too demanding, homework has been low seeing as we have mock exams coming up so it’s been all about revision. Understandably. However I’m not gonna deny that I am very excited for the weekend, purely due to the fact that I get to lie in. Once I get my ass out of bed however, it’s back to revision! Which is 80% procrastinating and 20% work, but hey it’s better than nothing! Right??

Anyway, that’s basically all I wanted to say… I hope everyone is having a much deserved happy 2017!

Until next time!

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