Productive revision breaks??

With mock exams in like three days, I thought it would be a good idea for me to take a productive break from revision and write a blog post. What I mean by a ‘productive break’ is, usually in my breaks I’ll scroll through social media, watch a YouTube video, fall asleep at my desk for a bit and then blearily get back to work. The first two things are focused on consuming media, right? But I think I prefer writing a blog post because I’m creating something and it’s also productive without being demanding. So when I’m thinking over my day I can say to myself that I wrote a blog post or two and did some decent revision instead thinking I just got through some questions and scrolled through social media all day because I got distracted.

Therefore, my blog doesn’t crash and burn because school took over my life. Also my first ever guest post is up on Ben’s blog if anyone wants to check it out here, I wrote about social media! I’m sure we can all relate to it…

Until next time! (Let’s hope it’s soon..)



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