I want to move

Hellooooo I don’t even understand how it’s been a whole 24 days since I last posted!! Well actually I guess I can blame sixth form and mocks and the bazillion essays I needed to write, I do have a stats test tomorrow but oh well…

So after scrolling through Instagram and reading several articles I’ve come to one solid conclusion, I really don’t want to stay in my hometown when I’m older. Tbh I don’t particularly want to stay in England because when I think of England I think grey and drab and graffiti. I wanna live somewhere that has a nice view! And lakes and forests and mountains! I’m so bored of England already and I honestly think I’ll hate my life if I don’t move somewhere pretty asap. I haven’t got a specific place in mind, I just know I want lots of natureyness. Lots of natural light and all that jazz.

That’ll be all for my rambling today, let’s hope I return sooner than 24 days!

Until next time!

(omg I just figured out how to do the ¬_¬ face!!!)

Twitter: @wolfishdelight


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