Respect your elders

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

I think people have started using the term ‘respect your elders’ to mean ‘don’t you dare disagree with them’

Which funnily enough I disagree with, how disrespectful of me! Don’t get me wrong here I 100% agree that those elder than us deserve respect, and those who are the same age and younger than us. But what I don’t believe is that our elders’ opinions should be respected purely because they’re our elders. If my aunt came up to me and said that I have to have children when I’m older and I turn to her and say “actually I don’t want to have children” (which is true.) I’m not disrespecting her, but you best believe I’ll be getting yelled at by my mum for being disrespectful. If anything my aunt is being disrespectful to me for forcing her opinions onto me.

But she gets a free pass, why? Because she’d my elder, duh.

I tried explaining this to my mum a while back and she got a liiiiittle offended, because that’s what she’s grown up with right? Respect your elders, or else. And here I am questioning and unravelling the foundation she’s built herself on. But I’ll talk more about all of that in another post.

Until next time!

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