10 things I’ve learnt about having short hair

  1. When it gets poofy, you’re in trouble. Unless you kinda like the cloud vibe, in which case, don’t let anyone rain on your parade. I’m so funny I know.
  2. Straightening/curling/acknowledging the existence of the hair at the back of your head is very difficult.
  3. Brushing is a literal dream and it’s amazing how my brush doesn’t have to go to hell and back to get rid of some pesky knots.
  4. Putting on coats/scarves/bags doesn’t require three different people anymore.
  5. VOLUME! It’s a thing now.
  6. Bouncy ponytails are legit my favourite thing
  7. Short hair is still affected by windy days *cri*
  8. It doesn’t take a millennia to dry anymore whoop whoop!
  9. My buns look like raisins so eh
  10. Just cos you have a round face (i.e me) doesn’t mean you can’t rock short hair.

Until next time folks!

(P.s. If you’d be interested in doing a guest post could you please either DM me or drop me an email wolfishdelightblog@gmail.com )

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21 thoughts on “10 things I’ve learnt about having short hair

  1. Short hair are so much my thing and it was great pleasure to read a post about them, despite some minor drawbacks, short hair are incredibly easy to manage, wash, dry and bear in hot weather! Only that mine grow too fast:/:p

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  2. i just recently chopped off all my hair as well, and i love it! my mom hates short hair so she was always really wary of letting me cut mine (ugh). eventually i just got sick of it and one day when i was over at my friend’s house watching sherlock i told her to just chop it off past my shoulders and i’m never going back 😄

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