Ew exercise

So growing up I wasn’t the fittest child per say, I was quite chubby and it didn’t even out much until about year 9 (when I was around 15.) Now up until my GCSE exams, I had to do PE, they decided that they would use our year as the guinea pig to test whether making the whole year do PE as a GCSE would work. May I just point out that it was the only subject I failed out of the 12 I did. Anyways my point is, sport has never been my forte, plus the annoyingly uncomfortable and unflattering PE kit that clung to your body in the most horrific way, did not help.

So I was completely deterred from exercise the pretty, popular girls were just so good that even attempting to get on their level was daunting. So I didn’t. And hating sport and exercise became my thing, and my friends at the time thought the same.

But now that compulsory PE, ahem public torture, is no longer a thing I’m finding that I actually want to work out now? Plus every doctor and their mothers say that exercise is good for stress, your mental health and everything else that school has ruined for me. So I actually worked out somewhat consistently in January and then just stopped in February because I kept forgetting. And now, today, I was motivated enough so I did. Also in the process of recruiting my dear friends to get their asses to join me at the gym. Will keep you guys posted if you would like? Leave some health/fitness related ideas in the comments and my newbie self can write some posts for you.

Until next time!

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