White feminism and why it sucks (Republished post)

So white feminism (a shortened way to say whitewashed feminism) is a type of feminism that barely scratches the surface of what feminism actually is. It’s not all bad I guess, seeing as they have seemed to nail the “men and women should be equal” idea but there’s so much more to feminism than just that. The reason why white feminism is looked at with such disdain is because it is solely about straight, white women. It ignores the problems faced by women of colour or queer women etc. I’m aware that straight white women face their own struggles, don’t think I’ve forgotten this when I say that they are privileged. But they are privileged in the sense that they don’t face oppression due to their race and/or sexuality and so in that respect they’re privileged and they should utilise this privilege to help other people instead of taking offence. 

So to put it quite simply, what I’m saying is white feminism sucks because it excludes a large majority of people and the problems they face which is basically what feminism is supposed to be about.

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