How I’m dealing with stress

So with being a sixth former, and just a teenager in general, comes stress and being tired all the time and all the wonderful, wonderful things us teenagers shouldn’t have to struggle with so young. But hey, here we are so I may as well try to deal with it so I don’t get dragged into a swirling vortex of stress and the overwhelming fear of failure. You think I’m kidding…

Anyhoo onto my priceless advice:

  • LISTS! I love lists, ever since I started making lists my stress levels plummeted. What I usually do is write an ‘overall to do’ list that has everything that I need to do within the next week/over the weekend. Then I write another one specifically for that day and, this is important, I try to write no more than three things on today’s to do list. Why? Because it’s more manageable and if you get through those three things and get extra stuff done, then go you! Look at you being a productive lil bean! I also write when things are due in so that I know what to prioritise. Here’s an example of the kinda lists I make:


  • Do the harder thing first. (Get your mind out of the gutter child!) So you’ve written your to do list, and you see that you have that essay to do. Don’t ignore it, do it first. Why? Because if you get that huge obstacle out of the way you feel like a BOSS and everything else you need to do is going to be so much easier because you got that thing out of the way.
  • This point is similar to lists but plan things out if you can. For example I’ve printed out a calendar that has a month by month view so there’s enough space for me write deadlines and exam dates and all that jazz. This was I can see how much time I have left til certain dates instead of constantly thinking that I’m running out of time. Does that make sense?


Anyways that’s all I’ve got for now, maybe I’ll do some other posts like this in the future!

Until next time!





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