What I’m expecting at Sixth Form ~ SparkleFox

Hello there! My name is SparkleFox and I am doing a very special collab blog post with my friend Wolfish Delight. On my blog, she will be writing a blog post on how she would have done her GCSEs differently at my blog at https://sparklefoxblogs.wordpress.com.

Anyway, let us get on with the blog post.

Now, I am in Year 10 at this moment in time which means, next year I am thinking about whether I want to go to Sixth Form or not. I have to stay in education until the age of 18 which means I can either go to sixth form, college or have an apprenticeship. At this moment in time I definitely want to go to Sixth Form but I have a year to think about it. Although I haven’t got that much information about it, I already have a picture in my mind of what it will be like; this is what I will be discussing here.

The one thing which comes into my mind when I think about Sixth Form is that it will be a lot of work. I am aware that A levels are getting harder and that there is a lot more that I am expected to learn but I am actually excited about it. The fact I’m excited is because I imagine that I get a lot more freedom with my studies. I already know that I will get free periods which I am absolutely buzzing for. Am I strange for thinking that? Probably, but I am one of these people who loves to learn.

I am also expecting to enjoy Sixth Form a lot more than I am enjoying school at the moment. I can finally get rid of some of the core subjects that I do not enjoy and instead focus on the subjects that I love and hope to continue into the future.

That concludes this special blog post and I hope to find out more about Sixth Form next year. Am I right in what I’m thinking or have I got completely the wrong end of the stick?


SparkleFox signing out.


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