Mini weekend haul


So last weekend I went out and bought things, hence this haul! Originally I was going out to watch Beauty and the Beast but my legs were too sore from going to the gym the day before so I couldn’t walk fast enough to get to the cinema in time so you know…went shopping instead, duh.

So I didn’t buy Bawse on my day out but it did get delivered on Saturday so I decided to include it in the haul. I’m loving it so far! I’ve got little post it notes to mark things that I definitely need to come back and look at. For those of you who don’t know Bawse is an advice book of sorts written by Lilly Singh, she has a youtube channel (iisuperwomanii) I encourage everyone to go check her out. This book is very no frills and straight forward, there are no flowery tumblr quotes here. I’ll write a whole review on it when I’m done so keep and eye out for that.

The next three things I bought were from my Primark, naturally. The first was a compact mirror because the one I had before got cracked. Not because of my face I’ll have you know, it got stood on while it was in my coat pocket. It was £1 by the way, so love it!

The next thing took a lot of thought and sniffing while sitting on the floor, a candle! It smells amazing and, unlike other scented candles I’ve had in the past, it actually makes my room smell good while it’s burning. Grapefruit and nectarine didn’t seem like something I’d like but of course I was proved wrong. It’s supposed to burn for 22 hours and it was only £3!

The final thing I haven’t had the chance to use yet because I haven’t ‘properly’ done my makeup in a while but I was curious to try it out. It’s Primark’s version of those new brushes that were all the range however many months ago, I got the smaller one that I guess you could use for concealer/contour and such. Only £2.50 so I won’t be too upset if it isn’t all that great.

Until next time!


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5 thoughts on “Mini weekend haul

  1. Oh oh oh it’s How to Be a Bawse!xD I really want to buy that book; I’ve been hearing that it’s great! I will definitely read your review on it. Anyway, it sounds like you got a great haul from shopping!:) Your new compact looks amazing- the colors are all so pretty!

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