Primark Haul!

So I went to Primark with my mum this week, and I bought some things so here we go!

First I got some high waisted jeans seeing as it’s something that I’ve been wanting for a very long time! They were £13, and I’m loving them! They’re not the most comfortable of course but next time I think I’ll need to get the next size up, unless of course my gym regime starts to work its magic.


Second I bought some shorts seeing as the ones I own are ones that I’ve made myself from old jeans and they’re a little bit tight, these ones fit much better and they were £7!

Next! I’m trying to remember these from memory seeing as I’m on my phone… Oh yes! I bought a lovely flowy top, with kinda cut out shoulders, they’re not as obvious as other tops I have but still very nice! It was £6.

Alright next up! I got another top, it’s long sleeved and it’s grey and has lace at the bottom! What more could I ask for?? This was £8.

Next I picked up two men’s shirts because they’re a lot cheaper and more comfortable compared to my ‘women’s pjs’ I got them in sizes large and extra large because comfort. They were £2 and £3.50 respectively.

Until next time!





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