Hello! Exams aren’t completely over for me just yet, I have two more to go. S1 maths and chemistry paper 2, aka the the two hardest exams I’ll have. On the bright side however I do have over a week to revise for them both!

Plus, my room is being completely redone and I’ve been sleeping and basically living in, the aptly named, living room for the past month! And I will continue to do so for another month I believe, perfect for when I have exams right? *sobbing* So my stress levels have been at an all time high and I’ve been a bit of a mess tbh.

BUT! What do I do in times of stress? I write lists, I write my thoughts down, I write and write until all my thoughts have tumbled their way out onto a page. Digital or otherwise…

Now before I was disrupted and kicked out of my own room, I was waking up kinda early (my alarm went off at 5:55am) and I was getting some work done everyday before school. After being disrupted however I’ve been barely awake at 6:30, brushing my teeth before hurriedly getting changed for school before the fam came downstairs. And I long for the days when I’ll have my own space back and my morning routine can go back to being productive. And I have P L A N S for then, major plans. I might end up doing a morning routine post because that’s how interesting I’m gonna (try to) make my mornings. That’s the basics of what’s been going on!

Some posts to look forward to in the next few months:

  • New room stuff haul
  • Morning routine
  • Aims for the summer
  • Yet another primark haul
  • Bags/clothes declutter
  • Maybe some new poems? Who knows!

That’s all I’ve got for now guys, until next time!




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    • Nøøj, hvor er de fine, dine lanterner.Nu kommer jeg desværre ikke lige til Ã…rhus – sÃ¥ jeg vil da blive meget taknemmelig, hvis du vil dele med os andre, hvordan du har lavet dine lanterner… Er der et link til en ve?nednilgjJeg kunne nemlig godt tænke mig at gøre dig kunsten efter sÃ¥dan helt til eget julebord…KH FP


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