Hi everyone! I had my last exam on Friday and allowed myself one day, Saturday, to be a sloth, and now I’m bored of that. As lazy as I can be, I can’t stand doing nothing for days at a time. It feels too much like a waste.

Update on my room situation, it still isn’t done so I’m still in the living room and I can’t get myself motivated for creative things while stuck in here but I’m trying my best! So half of the posts I told you guys to expect from me won’t be happening just yet because they were mostly to do with my new room.

Another update! My instagram account, it has the same name as my old one but it’s different, I basically revamped another account I had! My new one now has my poetry and some of the artsy pictures I take. By posting my poems over there, I naturally won’t be posting them on here. So if, for some miraculous reason, you like my poetry and want to see more then @wolfishdelight is the place to go!

I kinda feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog, what kind of posts do you guys even like to read? (Please comment if you do have any ideas because I am currently at a loss) I am gonna try and go back to posting a few times a week but I’ll probably start off with once a week, depending on how inspired I am.

Anyway that’s probably all for now, until next time!

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