Ok I think I’m actually back now…

I have now moved out of the living room and into my new room!! Since Thursday (It’s now Monday) I’ve been working away at my room to get it into a somewhat livable condition. And I think I’ve succeeded? I managed to whittle down the “I have no idea where to put this” stuff from a huge box to a little one that my acrylic makeup organiser came in. I also have a desk, chest of drawers and, the most important, my bookshelves back!

I’ve thrown a lot of stuff away, like A LOT. I even threw away my organiser, hear me out here! I haven’t really used it since April and it’s kinda falling apart? It’s a ring bound one and I never have much luck with those kinds, all in all it was just stressing me tf out. Alongside that I threw away a lot of past paper from this year *shudder* never again, S1, never again. (I hope)

I’ve got my lil cactus back in my room too! Lil-not-Dave is happily chilling on my desk and can go back to being watered regularly.

I wrote this at about 6:30am because I just wanted to write a blog post to try to get back into the swing of things, so ta da!

Until next time!

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