Hello again! That’s right, I didn’t take two weeks to come up with another post this time!

So I’ve been thinking, about my goals and they’re all kinda long term and vague. While it’s good to have goals, it’s kinda useless to only have long term goals with no short term ones to get you there. Sooo I’ve been thinking of doing monthly goals posts, maybe not every month but but we’ll see how this progresses. I think I’ll do a round up of the previous month’s goals and my future month’s goals all in one post? Depending on how much I write ofc.

Anyhow since it’s almost the end of June, this is the perfect time to write up my goals for the following month. So in July I’d like to:

  1. Start doing yoga, I’ve been saying it for ages and now I’m gonna get my ass into gear.
  2. Start meditating again, I used to do this but then I stopped because, funnily enough, I was too stressed to do anything but study (and procrastinate) and then fall into bed.
  3. Fully get back into blogging, I’ve had my warm up time and now it’s time for the real thing.
  4. Write more poetry/post more on instagram. I’ve been writing my poems just before I decide to post them, which is days after my last post, and that’s not what I want to be doing.
  5. And number 5! Properly get back into the rhythm of studying now that the builders won’t be here after school. (I hope)


That’s about it for now, I think five is more than enough for me to work on this month.

Until next time!

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