5:30am huh? Yeah, even I can’t believe I do this to myself…

So first up my alarm goes off at, you guessed it, 5:30am every. weekday. morning. Whether I actually wake up on time or not is a whole other matter, but on this day as I’m writing this I did manage to get up on time.

After rolling around in bed, wondering why I do this to myself, I get up and off to the bathroom I go. I’m sure I don’t need to go through all the specifics…

Then it’s work out time, I know I’m a monster!



So this was today’s workout, a little difficult but honestly there’s been worse… (Think 80 sec plank worse) (and this is on the easy plan)

Now I did do yoga before working out for the first few days but it jut felt like a waste of time to me so I’ve left that out of my morning routine, at least for now.

Now this should bring me up to about 6:15am? Giving me half an hour to 45 minutes to do some school work or do blog stuff etc. I think it’s fairly obvious what I have chosen today. (currently 6:44am) After that, it’s just getting ready to go to school, I aim to be downstairs eating breakfast at 7:30am at the latest.

And that, my dear friends, concludes my school morning routine. It might seem like I don’t do too much but I like to have chill mornings to make me feel as relaxed as I can be before starting the day! 🙂

Until next time!



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