Hello, my desk is a mess. I haven’t been working at my desk for the past few days because it’s a DISASTER, as you can see (why I have a shower cap in there is honestly beyond me.) So I decided that I was gonna properly clean it up, so here we go!


Essentially I just took everything off the desk, except the electricals, Buddha and Lil-not-Dave. I wiped the whole desk down because boy was it dusty af! I kinda wish I could keep my desk this clear but alas, it’s not practical.


I then sorted through the piles of stuff that was all over my bed and picked out the things I actually needed to have on my desk. Pour example, general stationary, a water bottle, tissue, my journal etc. These are things I need to have on hand on a day to day basis, everything else was put away in drawers and shelves in other parts of my room. If I really need them at the time then I’m sure that I will motivate myself to move a few steps to get them, if not then was it really necessary?


A bit of a shorter post today, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time 🙂

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