Hi everyone! I had my last exam on Friday and allowed myself one day, Saturday, to be a sloth, and now I’m bored of that. As lazy as I can be, I can’t stand doing nothing for days at a time. It feels too much like a waste.

Update on my room situation, it still isn’t done so I’m still in the living room and I can’t get myself motivated for creative things while stuck in here but I’m trying my best! So half of the posts I told you guys to expect from me won’t be happening just yet because they were mostly to do with my new room.

Another update! My instagram account, it has the same name as my old one but it’s different, I basically revamped another account I had! My new one now has my poetry and some of the artsy pictures I take. By posting my poems over there, I naturally won’t be posting them on here. So if, for some miraculous reason, you like my poetry and want to see more then @wolfishdelight is the place to go!

I kinda feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog, what kind of posts do you guys even like to read? (Please comment if you do have any ideas because I am currently at a loss) I am gonna try and go back to posting a few times a week but I’ll probably start off with once a week, depending on how inspired I am.

Anyway that’s probably all for now, until next time!

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Hello! Exams aren’t completely over for me just yet, I have two more to go. S1 maths and chemistry paper 2, aka the the two hardest exams I’ll have. On the bright side however I do have over a week to revise for them both!

Plus, my room is being completely redone and I’ve been sleeping and basically living in, the aptly named, living room for the past month! And I will continue to do so for another month I believe, perfect for when I have exams right? *sobbing* So my stress levels have been at an all time high and I’ve been a bit of a mess tbh.

BUT! What do I do in times of stress? I write lists, I write my thoughts down, I write and write until all my thoughts have tumbled their way out onto a page. Digital or otherwise…

Now before I was disrupted and kicked out of my own room, I was waking up kinda early (my alarm went off at 5:55am) and I was getting some work done everyday before school. After being disrupted however I’ve been barely awake at 6:30, brushing my teeth before hurriedly getting changed for school before the fam came downstairs. And I long for the days when I’ll have my own space back and my morning routine can go back to being productive. And I have P L A N S for then, major plans. I might end up doing a morning routine post because that’s how interesting I’m gonna (try to) make my mornings. That’s the basics of what’s been going on!

Some posts to look forward to in the next few months:

  • New room stuff haul
  • Morning routine
  • Aims for the summer
  • Yet another primark haul
  • Bags/clothes declutter
  • Maybe some new poems? Who knows!

That’s all I’ve got for now guys, until next time!




I’m very grateful for everything I received and this is in no way, shape or form me bragging/boasting about what I got. 

Hey guys!!

So it was my birthday some time last week and I wanted to do a haul of sorts, if anything just to have something to look back on in a few years.


Onto the post!


So starting with my parents, they gave me some money to spend on whatever I wanted so I put half of it away to save (yes yes boring I know) and the rest I spent on buying Memories unwound by Ruby Dahl and milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. I’ve been following both of them on instagram for a while and I really do love their work. I also used some of that money to buy the foundation and the soap and glory matte lip thingy. And with what I had left I’ve bought some some stuff from Avon, which hasn’t been delivered yet. (For those of you who don’t know what Avon is, it’s basically a weekly brochure with lots of makeup, skincare and perfume stuff in it that you order from by filling a form and then you get the stuff about a week later) So technically all of that was from my parents.

From some of my friends I got a lot of chocolate, like A LOT. I’ve finished some of it but I’ve put the rest in the kitchen because there’s no way I can finish it all by myself. Two of my friends joined forces and bought me the second and third volume of death note! 😀 The final thing from one of my friends was the choker, which I have yet to try out.

Now, everything else in the picture that I haven’t mentioned was from my wonderful boyfriend. I got a SIGNED COPY of How to be a Bawse, my previous copy I gave to him because he wanted to read it so it was a successful exchange. A Court of Wings and Ruin, I knew he was getting it for me but it didn’t stop me from squealing when I got it. Both me and him have a mutual love for Moana which also made me squeal a little, tbh I just squealed a lot when I opened all of these. That little purple thing? Is a bookmark, a funny one too, you can see the blue one peeking out from Death Note. Also! He also found a HUGE box of one of my favourite chocolates that I haven’t had in a while which I can also never find -,-

These ones, this is how big it was too…

And that’ll be all for today, until next time!

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It’s gonna be a while

So I haven’t posted in a while and it’s because I’ve been trying to get some work done seeing as my exams start on the 15TH OF MAY and I am really not prepared. I didn’t want to take a hiatus as such but I’m beginning to think I really should. So basically what I’m saying is that I won’t be posting much, if at all, til 10th June. 

I might post late May because I’ll have a little break between exams, but we shall see. I’ll still be reading posts and around on twitter complaining about my exam woes if anyone is interested 😂 

So until next time, whenever that is! 

Primark Haul!

So I went to Primark with my mum this week, and I bought some things so here we go!

First I got some high waisted jeans seeing as it’s something that I’ve been wanting for a very long time! They were £13, and I’m loving them! They’re not the most comfortable of course but next time I think I’ll need to get the next size up, unless of course my gym regime starts to work its magic.


Second I bought some shorts seeing as the ones I own are ones that I’ve made myself from old jeans and they’re a little bit tight, these ones fit much better and they were £7!

Next! I’m trying to remember these from memory seeing as I’m on my phone… Oh yes! I bought a lovely flowy top, with kinda cut out shoulders, they’re not as obvious as other tops I have but still very nice! It was £6.

Alright next up! I got another top, it’s long sleeved and it’s grey and has lace at the bottom! What more could I ask for?? This was £8.

Next I picked up two men’s shirts because they’re a lot cheaper and more comfortable compared to my ‘women’s pjs’ I got them in sizes large and extra large because comfort. They were £2 and £3.50 respectively.

Until next time!




Am I creative?

It’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I never thought of myself as creative, when I think creativity I think drawing, writing novels and beautiful poems. None of which I can do, I can occasionally write a decent poem (*hasn’t written a poem since 2016*) I can write well ish but I can’t create a full on story to save my life. And drawing, eh not really.

So I have blogging, now I don’t know if that makes me creative; I write about my life, I write lists about relatable things and I do hauls and reviews. Just a bit of everything really, but am I really all that creative? My current opinion, no I’m not. Someone was stupid enough to allow me to start a blog (or 8) and here I am rambling about creativity.

I hope my next post is less rambly, until next time!




Mini weekend haul


So last weekend I went out and bought things, hence this haul! Originally I was going out to watch Beauty and the Beast but my legs were too sore from going to the gym the day before so I couldn’t walk fast enough to get to the cinema in time so you know…went shopping instead, duh.

So I didn’t buy Bawse on my day out but it did get delivered on Saturday so I decided to include it in the haul. I’m loving it so far! I’ve got little post it notes to mark things that I definitely need to come back and look at. For those of you who don’t know Bawse is an advice book of sorts written by Lilly Singh, she has a youtube channel (iisuperwomanii) I encourage everyone to go check her out. This book is very no frills and straight forward, there are no flowery tumblr quotes here. I’ll write a whole review on it when I’m done so keep and eye out for that.

The next three things I bought were from my Primark, naturally. The first was a compact mirror because the one I had before got cracked. Not because of my face I’ll have you know, it got stood on while it was in my coat pocket. It was £1 by the way, so love it!

The next thing took a lot of thought and sniffing while sitting on the floor, a candle! It smells amazing and, unlike other scented candles I’ve had in the past, it actually makes my room smell good while it’s burning. Grapefruit and nectarine didn’t seem like something I’d like but of course I was proved wrong. It’s supposed to burn for 22 hours and it was only £3!

The final thing I haven’t had the chance to use yet because I haven’t ‘properly’ done my makeup in a while but I was curious to try it out. It’s Primark’s version of those new brushes that were all the range however many months ago, I got the smaller one that I guess you could use for concealer/contour and such. Only £2.50 so I won’t be too upset if it isn’t all that great.

Until next time!


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