We let slips of paper

run our lives

& dictate our worth

Our whole lives are contained within

a tiny electric box,

or so we think

A miracle has put us in this universe

& we waste away in classrooms and offices

day after day

Too busy for the present,

planning a future we won’t live.

~ Kirithika


{I know I said I was gone until June but I missed blogging so I thought I’d post a poem sorta thing I wrote yesterday, hope you guys liked it! Also look at me with the new fancy headers 😀 }

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A poem: Midnight


A time for birthday wishes

and new years kisses.

End of yesterday’s past

tomorrow oncoming fast.

A time for the thinking of a troubled mind

regretting opportunities left far behind.

Those who are filled with sadness and sorrow

hope at midnight for a better tomorrow.

~ Kirithika N.