Day 11: The one I almost forgot about 

Here I am all comfy in bed and then I remembered, BLOGTOBER! So here I am, writing a blog post at half ten because I refuse to allow myself to slip up, I want to be able to say I did blogtober and that I succeeded! 

So my thoughts for today, mostly wanting to go back to sleep and some negativity. Of course. Yesterday was world mental health day and I saw tweets, instagram pictures and all that jazz about how important mental health was and how we should all speak out. Don’t suffer in silence! Of course everyone would say that on the day that’s specifically about mental health, but how many of you, those lucky emough not to have a mental illness, would still say that on an average Tuesday afternoon?

I’m following people on twitter who will say such wonderful positive things on any day of the week. They’ll advocate mental health awareness and self care on a Monday morning! Be that kind of person, the one that is there at any point in the year not the one who decides to say something because everyone else is doing it. 

Not to say I don’t appreciate the gesture, but I’d hope you understood that what you’re advocating isn’t just the romanticised stuff you see on tumblr. No amount of bubble baths and pretty boys is going to make my depression go away. 


But enough about that, today is #dayofthegirl and also the last day of Lilly’s girl love rafiki campaign, for this year at least! For those of you who don’t know, Lilly had a campaign last year where she went to Kenya and helped to design a rafiki that was then made by people in Kenya and bought by people like us. The money raised was then used to send girls to school, I think last year she sent 600 girls to school! And this year she went and created a second rafiki that is being handmade by the mothers in Kenya and the proceeds from this rafiki are helping to send even more girls to school! The goal was to reach 16000 rafikis in two weeks, and we reached that goal yesterday! As of today over 17000 rafikis have been sold and I’m so happy to say that I’ve been apart of this 🙂 

Until next time 🙂 




Day: 10 My body image and me

Since I was about 6, I have been considered ‘chubby.’ I always had to wear clothes that weren’t for my age group. So at 6 I wore clothes that were for 7 or 8 year olds, even then it was a struggle. And my god did my family tease me, whenever I went to my cousin’ house it was “oi piggy this” and “oi piggy that”

I don’t think I was that bothered by it as a kid, I was just really aware that I was fat. And that it was a bad thing. (It isn’t)

And then I reached 10 years old and since then, to this day, my stomach has been my biggest insecurity. Literally…

But the difference now is that I really love some parts of my body. Like my legs and if I’m being super honest, my boobs. And I’ve learnt to not hate my stomach too. I’ve decided that I can’t complain about something like the fat on my stomach if I’m not really doing much to ‘deal’ with it.

I’m still learning to love my body, but I’ve come a long way.

Until next time 🙂


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Day 9: Blank mind

So as suggested by my friend Bethany, I have decided to write today’s blog post about how I can’t think of a blog post idea….

Now at first when she suggested it, I was a bit thrown cos it seemed so odd you know? But I think I could make it work so here goes!

People say that blogging is easy, you bang out some words and stick a picture on it and away you go. But until you actually sit down and do it, I don’t think you realise how difficult it can be. More so when you have to try and write good posts every day for a month… I’m not really a creative person, I can write a pretty poem every so often and I blog but the blogging part can get difficult when you can’t actually think of a post to write about. And as someone who wants this blog to grow and hopefully monetise within the next year, good content is pretty important!

As I’m guessing most of my readers are bloggers themselves, I’m sure you understand the struggle! And also understand why I want to monetise, I’ve read articles where apparently if you introduce monetising your blog after a while of blogging your readers will get all upset with you, which I don’t quite understand…

Not the best post I’ll admit but that’s all for now,

until next time 🙂


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Day 8: A haul

I went out today! Actually left the house and ventured out into the real world! For shopping, naturally…

I thought this would make a nice post seeing as hauls seem to be quite popular with you guys so here we go!

First we went to Primark and I only bought two things, a shocker I know!

I bought the hat/beanie/whatever and it was £2, it’s slightly bigger than most of the hats there so I don’t feel like my brain is being constricted. It struggles to function properly as is! The earrings I was immensely excited about, very Halloween and they were £1.50. The cute little fox was from British Heart foundation and he seemed to look cute in amongst these things so there he is! 99p and perfect for autumnal pictures!

Next up, we went to Select. I originally went in to look for a coat, which I didn’t find, but on my way out I glanced over at the boots section and decided to go give it a look. Boy am I glad that I did!


And to make it all even sweeter, they were on sale! £17.99, I nearly cried. I will forever be in debt to my boyfriend for spotting them ❤

After all of that drama, we went to West Orchards to get a drink and to wander around WHSmith, as you do. And this little book caught my eye


I have been getting into baking a little so I thought I’d give this book a go, it was only £5 so why not!

And finally, sort of… we went to wilkos at the beginning but that was just for some essentials like body wash and deodorant and then the second time I got more interesting things.


I bought this A4 sized box to keep some sentimental things in as the box I was using was way too small and was squishing the things inside, the box was £3. And the final things I bought were the glass beads that have been /artfully/ scattered in all the pictures in this post, they were 85p! And for those wondering, the pink petals were from a flower my bf gave me, some of the petals fell off as I was carrying it home so I thought I’d use them to decorate!

Until next time 🙂


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Day 7: ?????

So I have spent all day trying to think of a blog post but I haven’t been very successful so I thought I’d do a good old rambly post for you all today! Making that quality content *finger guns*

So today has been me chilling at my desk watching youtube videos and researching self hosting websites. The latter stressed me out immensely, so I went back to youtube. And on youtube I have been watching snippets of Russell Howard’s show and my god have I been missing out! If any of you haven’t yet watched any of his stuff then I highly highly recommend that you do, he is amazing. I’m watching his videos as I’m writing this blog post! I’m having to take laugh breaks. He talks about serious issues with a comedic flair, I LOVE IIIITT! I would love to go to one of his shows, I’m fairly sure I’d be on the floor crying with laughter for the whole thing…

Another thought! About ranting, I bitch about people, things and situations. But after a while I’ll stop or some things I won’t talk about all together. I mean, I’ll acknowledge them but sometimes ranting doesn’t help. Woah controversial! But it’s true in my experience, sometimes ranting can just get me all amped up and angry about the situation all over again and that isn’t really necessary. I haven’t got enough energy in me to be thinking about all of that. Or to be dealing with the people causing it.

Promote what you love, don’t bash what you hate ~ Lilly Singh

Until next time 🙂

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Day 6: Top three autumn lipsticks

I have struggled to get these pictures for today’s post, apologies for them not being great…

Anyhow, I enjoy wearing makeup and autumn is the season where I can bust out all my deep dark shades! So here, are my current three favourites!

First up! An Avon lipstick in the shade “Conditioning cherry”

Have you ever seen a more artistic lipstick bullet like holy wow! I love this shade it’s a gorgeous deep purpley red and, as the name suggests, very conditioning. A downside is that it transfers very easily so you have to be quite careful, I think it’s worth it though. Might just be me…

Second iiiss NYX soft matte cream in Copenhagen


I’ve come to dislike matte lipsticks and all that jazz, they make my lips feel horrible and I don’t like how they look on me. But these NYX ones don’t quite dry down so they don’t make my lips feel like sandpaper. I don’t think I need to sing its praises, everyone has heard by now how nice they are! And this colour is gorgeous, currently the darkest lipstick I own. That is until I eventually get my hands on a good black lipstick. Mwahaha!

And last but not least is Rimmel lasting finish (?) by Kate Moss in the oh so famous, 107!

This was one of my first “proper” lipsticks, as you can see it has served me well and I will definitely be buying another one once it runs out! This one is similar to the NYX one in the sense that it’s matte but it doesn’t dry down fully so my lips can still move. The shade isn’t particularly autumnal or anything, it’s just something I can depend on, it suits most situations and makeup looks and I know it’ll stay put for a good few hours. It isn’t transfer proof either but I can handle that.

Anyway that’s all from me today, do you guys have any particular lipsticks you couldn’t be without?

Until next time 🙂


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Day 5: Where I want this blog to go

Good evening/afternoon/morning!

So I’ve been trying to think about ideas for today’s blog post, and I didn’t come up with this one until about 5 minutes ago so hooray! But these things have been on my mind today so it’s kinda perfect I guess?

Recently I have been playing around with the idea of monetising my blog, I know I won’t be doing it for a while as I’ll have to build up more views per month and all. I’m aware I’ll have to self host my blog and I’d rather not start spending my money on that when sometimes my blog posts barely make it to 10 views yknow? But that is a dream of mine if you will. I don’t think I’ll make enough to consider it a full on job, not for a long while at least, but it’ll be nice to be getting some kind of revenue from doing something I enjoy.

I have some ideas of how I’m going to put the work in to get there, they are as follows:

  • Post multiple times a week, before blogtober I was aiming for once a week and I may up it to twice a week and then go from there.
  • Add more photos and in general make my posts more aesthetically pleasing, this one is probably what I’m most likely to struggle with but I guess I can’t get better unless I at least try.
  • Do more collabs! I’m hoping to get some collab stuff going, probably during half term where I’ll have more time. Larissa, you’re number one on my list! We better get planning! {Just got hit with an idea, if I got enough questions from you guys then I would love to do a q&a post with my bf? Comment below if you’d be interested + maybe some questions? I’ll probably also tweet about it too.}

Those are my main three targets for now!

Until next time 🙂


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