Growing up my life was very religion oriented because of my parents, and I am religious. To an extent. I believe the world was designed by a higher power perhaps, the big bang set into motion by a divine being, perfectly timing it to create planets, stars. Solar systems and life.

However, I don’t believe there is a set in stone path for each of us. How could there be? I feel like God has more to do than to sit down and write a definite story for each and every one of us who has lived and will ever live. To some it is a comfort to believe and have faith that there is someone or something that has a path laid out for us and is gently nudging us along, and those of you I respect. If that faith is helping you learn and grow and better your life then who am I to tell you it’s wrong? Some seek comfort in faith, I however do not.

I seek comfort in myself, knowing, believing that I’m living my life the way I want to. I’m not living it the way my parents want to, not that they’re aware, but I seek solace in the fact that maybe I’m weighed down now but at least 10 years in the future I’m with the guy who feels like home. Not tied down to some guy my parents chose and then he decides he wants kids *shudder*

So I say take control of your life because in the end, you’re the one who has to live it. Not your mum, dad, best friend or priest.


And only you have the right to say which path your life takes.

Until next time 🙂

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{A bit of a different post here, I don’t feel like writing about my morning routine or what’s in my bag is right for me. As much as I enjoy reading them, it doesn’t fit in with my style of writing. So buckle in kids, because things are gonna get real deep around here!}

Hello, my desk is a mess. I haven’t been working at my desk for the past few days because it’s a DISASTER, as you can see (why I have a shower cap in there is honestly beyond me.) So I decided that I was gonna properly clean it up, so here we go!


Essentially I just took everything off the desk, except the electricals, Buddha and Lil-not-Dave. I wiped the whole desk down because boy was it dusty af! I kinda wish I could keep my desk this clear but alas, it’s not practical.


I then sorted through the piles of stuff that was all over my bed and picked out the things I actually needed to have on my desk. Pour example, general stationary, a water bottle, tissue, my journal etc. These are things I need to have on hand on a day to day basis, everything else was put away in drawers and shelves in other parts of my room. If I really need them at the time then I’m sure that I will motivate myself to move a few steps to get them, if not then was it really necessary?


A bit of a shorter post today, but I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time 🙂

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5:30am huh? Yeah, even I can’t believe I do this to myself…

So first up my alarm goes off at, you guessed it, 5:30am every. weekday. morning. Whether I actually wake up on time or not is a whole other matter, but on this day as I’m writing this I did manage to get up on time.

After rolling around in bed, wondering why I do this to myself, I get up and off to the bathroom I go. I’m sure I don’t need to go through all the specifics…

Then it’s work out time, I know I’m a monster!



So this was today’s workout, a little difficult but honestly there’s been worse… (Think 80 sec plank worse) (and this is on the easy plan)

Now I did do yoga before working out for the first few days but it jut felt like a waste of time to me so I’ve left that out of my morning routine, at least for now.

Now this should bring me up to about 6:15am? Giving me half an hour to 45 minutes to do some school work or do blog stuff etc. I think it’s fairly obvious what I have chosen today. (currently 6:44am) After that, it’s just getting ready to go to school, I aim to be downstairs eating breakfast at 7:30am at the latest.

And that, my dear friends, concludes my school morning routine. It might seem like I don’t do too much but I like to have chill mornings to make me feel as relaxed as I can be before starting the day! 🙂

Until next time!


*TW: Fitness/health*

Hi everyone!

So in my last post I outlined some goals, I didn’t include working out because it seemed so generic and, at the time, it wasn’t one of the major things on my mind. But today I saw a snapchat story from a friend and I just got a sudden urge to work out and finally deal with my stomach fat that has been bothering me for as long as I can remember, at least a decade. So at first I paced about my room because ‘where do I even start?’ then I downloaded a 30 fitness challenge app and I’m gonna try and stick with that, I’m also gonna try to eat better and see if there are any affects at the end of the month! I’ve done the first work out today and seeing as July has 31 days, by starting today it lines up perfectly with the end of this month.

Such satisfaction, it’s the little things honestly.

Anyway, that’s all I have for now bit of a short post today.

Until next time!

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Hello again! That’s right, I didn’t take two weeks to come up with another post this time!

So I’ve been thinking, about my goals and they’re all kinda long term and vague. While it’s good to have goals, it’s kinda useless to only have long term goals with no short term ones to get you there. Sooo I’ve been thinking of doing monthly goals posts, maybe not every month but but we’ll see how this progresses. I think I’ll do a round up of the previous month’s goals and my future month’s goals all in one post? Depending on how much I write ofc.

Anyhow since it’s almost the end of June, this is the perfect time to write up my goals for the following month. So in July I’d like to:

  1. Start doing yoga, I’ve been saying it for ages and now I’m gonna get my ass into gear.
  2. Start meditating again, I used to do this but then I stopped because, funnily enough, I was too stressed to do anything but study (and procrastinate) and then fall into bed.
  3. Fully get back into blogging, I’ve had my warm up time and now it’s time for the real thing.
  4. Write more poetry/post more on instagram. I’ve been writing my poems just before I decide to post them, which is days after my last post, and that’s not what I want to be doing.
  5. And number 5! Properly get back into the rhythm of studying now that the builders won’t be here after school. (I hope)


That’s about it for now, I think five is more than enough for me to work on this month.

Until next time!

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Ok I think I’m actually back now…

I have now moved out of the living room and into my new room!! Since Thursday (It’s now Monday) I’ve been working away at my room to get it into a somewhat livable condition. And I think I’ve succeeded? I managed to whittle down the “I have no idea where to put this” stuff from a huge box to a little one that my acrylic makeup organiser came in. I also have a desk, chest of drawers and, the most important, my bookshelves back!

I’ve thrown a lot of stuff away, like A LOT. I even threw away my organiser, hear me out here! I haven’t really used it since April and it’s kinda falling apart? It’s a ring bound one and I never have much luck with those kinds, all in all it was just stressing me tf out. Alongside that I threw away a lot of past paper from this year *shudder* never again, S1, never again. (I hope)

I’ve got my lil cactus back in my room too! Lil-not-Dave is happily chilling on my desk and can go back to being watered regularly.

I wrote this at about 6:30am because I just wanted to write a blog post to try to get back into the swing of things, so ta da!

Until next time!

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Hi everyone! I had my last exam on Friday and allowed myself one day, Saturday, to be a sloth, and now I’m bored of that. As lazy as I can be, I can’t stand doing nothing for days at a time. It feels too much like a waste.

Update on my room situation, it still isn’t done so I’m still in the living room and I can’t get myself motivated for creative things while stuck in here but I’m trying my best! So half of the posts I told you guys to expect from me won’t be happening just yet because they were mostly to do with my new room.

Another update! My instagram account, it has the same name as my old one but it’s different, I basically revamped another account I had! My new one now has my poetry and some of the artsy pictures I take. By posting my poems over there, I naturally won’t be posting them on here. So if, for some miraculous reason, you like my poetry and want to see more then @wolfishdelight is the place to go!

I kinda feel like I’ve forgotten how to blog, what kind of posts do you guys even like to read? (Please comment if you do have any ideas because I am currently at a loss) I am gonna try and go back to posting a few times a week but I’ll probably start off with once a week, depending on how inspired I am.

Anyway that’s probably all for now, until next time!

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